Working As An HR Consultant

If you enjoy working with people, are well organized, efficient and have some financial expertise and knowledge, working as an hr consultant might be the ideal job for you. It's a job that allows you to work with different companies and in different situations, and in the UK, the average pay is around £40,000. 

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What Exactly Does HR Do?

Regardless of where you work, you will have some interaction with the HR department at your company. It's one of the most important departments in any company, even if much of what they do takes place behind the scenes. A small company may have one HR person, while a large organization might employ hundreds. One of the most important tasks of the HR department is to hire new employees, and arrange their training or orientation, along with the firing or retiring of current employees. That means recruiting new employees, processing all their new hire paperwork, making sure they have training scheduled and that any benefits such as paid holidays, pensions, retirement plan or company vehicle are set up and running smoothly. HR also handles any disciplinary action too. 

Making Sure You are Paid

And of course, you'll want paying regularly. Your HR department is responsible for making sure you are paid correctly and on time, setting up or changing your bank account, and ensuring you receive any holiday pay, overtime or personal expense reimbursement. Ensuring that any taxes or deductions from employees' pay is also an important task for any HR department, along with processing any salary increases or bonuses. If your company's HR department is handling hundreds or even thousands of employees, you can imagine how much work is involved for everything to run smoothly. 

When You Need an HR Consultant

In most HR departments, there is room for improvement, and companies sometimes hire an independent HR consultant. Their job is to look for ways the department can function more efficiently, perhaps with fewer employees, and to save the company money over the long run. An HR consultant would analyze the existing set up and procedures, and suggest improvements in procedures, or changes to the staffing, in order to improve efficiency. The work may be focused on one specific aspect of the HR department, such as staffing, training or payroll, or it may include everything. HR consultants potentially work in different industries and for companies of different sizes, and the work may take anywhere from several days to a few months.